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• 11/16/2018


should i return to blocksworld as theawesomekid286 because i have no idea what to do so i suppose i should go ahead and say "hey how are you" out of the blue on this wiki

  • no
  • no but it's opposite day
  • i can't decide ok stop forcing me-
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This post is locked.
• 10/2/2018

Keep It Clean!

This is a child-oriented Wiki. Any discussions related to vore or porn will be deleted.

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• 6/30/2018
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• 5/1/2018

Enemy Kill Counter

So I am currently making a game involving shooting zombies. The thing is, I don't know how to use the object counter to be able to show the amount of enemies killed. Help anyone??
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• 11/27/2017

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• 4/8/2017

Star issues

When you touch something, it's supposed to give you a star. But when I tested it, when I stopped touching, the star disappeared. How do I fix this?
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• 4/29/2015

How do you save?

Getting started! We have created a model but don't know how to save it. Please help!
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• 12/12/2014

100 Page Mission!

Hey Lolgab1 and HALNerd we need to get to 100 pages its gonna take a while but its worth it! Because the more pages we have more Wikia viewers
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• 12/5/2014

More Concepts

Uhm Lolgab and HALNerd can you make more concepts
I have a feeling this will help a lot of blocksworld viewers for us
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• 11/27/2014

Anybody know how to program well?

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• 11/21/2014

Camera Control

How do I get the camera to cut from one character to another before creating a game start?
It is driving me insane to not be able to figure it out!
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