Griffly, aka Victor, or AntiVandalBoi, now IAmDaCraziestBoi! on Blocksworld, is a Blocksworld user who joined on August 26, 2016. He once spammed like if‘s and (possibly a lot) people were mad about it. However, this almost resulted him into a ban. Then an Unnamed Blockster made fun of him (by a like if). However he changed his opinion to a dislike over like if’s, however a few users attempted to revive the trick after the star rating update. He now makes shorts (mostly movies) in Blocksworld, gaining less hate and possibly more fans. He was, but now planned several games, somewhere in September, his games were starting to get more fame. And it’s happening as of today. He spams wikis because of dreadfully forgetting passwords and all that. He will be more active in the account used to edit this page and stuff.