The Alligator Speeder

Nicknamed "The Golden Croc", it is a very sleek race-car-like speeder designed by nopleaseno (YummyNachos on the Blocksworld Wiki). The car has 2 modes for it when in certain conditions. It is mainly green and yellow in color and has 6 lasers. Fantasy Music is in the world as well for pleasure.


The speeder has 4 main wheels and 8 mini wheels. These help gain higher speeds. It is equipped with 2 rockets as well to boost further in A signal and is propulsion in B signal (see below). It uses the simple arrow keys and not a mover.

Mode 1 (Gator Mode)

This is the primary mode of the speeder. It is for land driving directly on the island.

Making modes for cars can be accomplished by signal work (this car's programmation method is very identical to the S.W.O.R.D. Switchblade's).

For example, I used the blockster in the car.

ground -does- A signal

the A signal is in the wheels and lasers.

Mode 2 (Water Mode)

This is the secondary mode in the speeder.

This time, it is for water and not land.

It uses rockets to propel itself.

I used the same blockster again.

in water -does- B signal

B signal is in the rockets.