Meet the Blocksters

Blocksters are action blocks. They can be moved with the Mover, buttons, or Tags. Using the mover and tags, however, requires different sets and costs Coins. They have full block heads with half block bodies, and have unattached hands and feet. There are also Skeleton Blocksters, which have a rib cage torso and visible toes. They also have no hair, and faces set automatically appear may appear on top of skull. Animated Blocksters can be bought with limbs. They function similar to a Leg Piece.


Blocksters will naturally stumble (and trip) in the direction they are pushed, unless given the stay icon. Movers will move them forwards when up, turn them sideways when left or right, and turn them completely around when down.

Animated Blocksters

Main article; Animated Blocksters

As of September 9th, 2016 a new type of Blockster was added which included animations in the action section of the building panel. They are half-a-block taller and have better walking and running animations. Animations included dancing, looking around, a "losing" animation along with a "winning" animation, swimming, jumping, falling, etc.

These Blocksters can be sold with an update.

Also, as of January 4th, 2017 Animated Blocksters now have limbs. You could customize them in various ways, like in short sleeves, limbless, and long sleeves. You can get the super-rare robotic limb on the lucky prize wheel OR purchase best premium for $11.99 monthly to have the super-rare robotic leg.


An update to Blocksworld

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added the "Avatar" Blockster which allowed the player to play as the Blockster they customized when entering play mode, provided that the creator placed it in their world. It has the same actions as a normal Blockster would usually have. If there are blocks on top of the Blockster they customized, they are also on the avatar Blockster. When they were first added, they made odd shapes and were completely black.