Blockster Box Vol.3 is a mini set that gives characters to edit your profile

It has 12 surprises and has special character names

The Characters

Draco Darkblock-A Male Dark Knight with a rare Hero Sword,It has a bug that show he was smiling IN the box but from OUTSIDE the box he had an angry face

Carmen Dating-A female adventurer who looks like the female version of Jack Lootworthy,She has a Skeleton Torso and a crate

Jack Lootworthy-A male adventurer who also looks like the male version of Carmen Dating,He has a Machete and an Adventurer Hat

Krabbak Commando-A Krabbak who wears the Commando Helmet and Has Silver Armor,It has a Machine Gun,Commando Helmet,Armor

Herc Jupiter-A male Soldier who looks like an enemy to Admiral Zenith,He has a Laser Pistol.Soldier Cap

Miss Prism-A female hero who looks like the female version of Mr. Spectacular,She has the Diamond,Female Hero Glasses/Diva Glasses

Mr. Spectacular-A male hero who also looks like the male version of Miss Prism,He has the The Hero Hair,Hero Mask,Formal Glasses

Helga Highpitch-A female Viking who is always angry and powerful,She has a Viking Spear,Shield,Viking Helmet,Angry Face

Some Characters has colors to color their gear.If you are wondering why I did not include the colors

I was including the ONLY the important ones