There are a lot of varieties of Bugs, glitches, goofs and errors that sometimes occur in Blocksworld. Here's a list of all bugs and glitches.


  • If you multitask back in, but the game reboots, you temporarily lose your data due to lack of visual connectivity to Game Center.
  • Error 505 is not known as a glitch because it disables you from publish new content and/or get a new profile. So this is required a bug.
  • If you open up the app and play a world, then go to another world, the screen will freeze to the last world you were playing. There is a similar glitch but with a black screen. How to fix that is to restart the game.
  • When you try to take a profile picture the screen turns black.
  • The game crashes on launch when played on older devices.
  • rarely, the game you made will still play when in edit mode.


  • Placing a model too fast will cause the entire model to fall apart. Separating all the blocks from each one another. The only way to stop this is if you keep clicking on a block, that should reform the model.
  • This can never ever be fixed. If a variety of Blockster explodes and then disappears, its body will become much fatter, so will its hands. (patched)
  • Two glitches ares ONLY accessed by hackers. 1. The texture glitch: This glitch makes the texture the hacker sees in the world and just the players on preview what it’s not. 2. Model Glitch: This glitch makes a model look like a 3D created model that seems to come from animation. Therefore, this glitch can only be accessed by it’s founder, Rastapimp
  • Faces set to appear on the blank heads of Skeleton Blocksters may appear on top of head.
  • Pickups cannot revert to normal form and will disappear if programed to.
  • Hidden Powers must be programed to reappear and return or will not return.
  • Pickups set to always return will not disappear when picked up.
  • In the picture for Building Blocks Vol. 1, the top of the roof is on the floor of the house. This is most likely an error.
  • Tilted blocks were founded by Rastapimp, making a block tilt not just 90° but somewhere below 90° (89°-1°)
  • There was once a glitch that turned wedges into neon colors when it has the texture of dust. Nowadays, the glitch is fixed and it’s impossible for it to occur
  • Beats Music was founded by Skyeari & Haunted Music was founded by Rastipimp, meanwhile there’s the G.I Joe music from the old 2014 set. If not placed in a jukebox and left in a block, the Gravity Glitch will activate
  • If you place a Blockster then explode it, then go back to edit mode, its feet will disappear and will not come back.
  • Gravity Glitch: This glitch will make the whole world glitch out and make the world have gravity in edit mode. It could have weird effects such as, Models falling apart, parts of model rotate while moving, blocks could extend to be flat. This could be caused by importing a glitched block that has the Beats command inside it.
  • When you misplace a block into another block an click play at the same time. The blocks look close and stuck together, this is called the Merge Glitch
  • Explode a Blockster then grab the hand of the blockster then shake the hand, The body shakes uncontrollably.
  • One of the glitches enables you to build while you play another users game. This glitch is often found rare and nearly impossible to get.
  • Beta faces were found by hackers, especially the recent one by Creepyjokes2000
  • Sometimes while your using actions, the icon of the paste will be replaced with the icon of the action, and when you use that action again, it acts like the paste.
  • Sometimes when dragging, the drag sound plays, but loud. This can occur when dragging a large object.
    Gravity Glitch

    Gravity Glitch in action

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