There are a lot of varieties of Bugs, glitches, goofs and errors that sometimes occur in Blocksworld. Here's a list of all bugs and glitches.


  • If you multitask back in, but the game reboots, you temporarily lose your data due to lack of visual connectivity to Game Center.
  • If you open up the app and play a world, then go to another world, the screen will freeze to the last world you were playing. There is a similar glitch but with a black screen. How to fix that is to restart the game.
  • When you try to take a profile picture the screen turns black.
  • The game crashes on launch when played on older devices.


  • This can never be fixed. If a variety of Blockster explodes and then disappears, its body will become fatter, so will its hands.
  • Faces set to appear on the blank heads of Skeleton Blocksters may appear on top of head.
  • Pickups cannot revert to normal form and will disappear if programed to.
  • Hidden Powers must be programed to reappear and return or will not return.
  • Pickups set to always return will not disappear when picked up.
  • In the picture for Building Blocks Vol. 1, the top of the roof is on the floor of the house. This is most likely an error.
  • If you place a Blockster then explode it, then go back to edit mode, its feet will disappear and will not come back.