The packs are sets that contain different objects such as blocks, textures and actions, but they also give you puzzles and, sometimes, new maps! The packs are often thematic, such as the Category:Game Blocks series. Click or Tap on a picture to go to its page!

List of Packs

Blocksworld Premium
Game Blocks - Ethereal Materials
Game Blocks - Platforms
Game Blocks - Treasures
Game Blocks - Treasures Mega Booster
Dinosaurs of Nakolia Vol. 1
Dinosaurs of Nakolia Vol. 2
Dinosaurs of Nakolia - Free Flying Blockster Box - Heroes
Blockster Box Vol. 1 Blockster Box Vol. 2
Blockster Box Vol. 3 Blockster Box Vol. 4
City Blocks
Rescue Squad City Blocks - Monster Dump
Big City Roller City Textures Vol. 1
Heroes of Aero
Heroes of Aero - Sky Skiff Star Rangers - Krabbak Pincer
Star Rangers
Transformers Blocksters - Decepticons
Transformers Blocksters - Autobots
Transformers Blocksters - Autobot Jazz vs. Soundwave
My Little Pony - Mane Six Vol. 1
My Little Pony - Mane Six Vol. 2
My Little Pony - Sound Blocks Blockshire Stronghold
Blockshire Castle Blockshire Heroes
Nature Power
Legends of Oz Dorothy's Return Vol. 1
Legends of Oz Dorothy's Return Vol. 2
S.W.O.R.D. Switchblade S.W.O.R.D. Claymore
Blockster Friends
Wicked Costumes
Costume Blocksters Monster Blocksters
Food Frenzy Blocksworld Cup
Jukeblocks World Blocks Vol. 1
Gear Up Spycraft
Bling Blocks
Frozen Frontiers Arctic Adventures
Giant Squid! Deep Space Driller
Fancy Sailboat Jackal LL-945
Laser Robo-Swan Vermilion Stinger
Hover Patrol Laser Blazers
Rocket Power Wheel Action
Motor Machines Wacky Walkers
Action Blocks Booster Action Blocks Refill
Blocksters On the Go! Meet the Blocksters
Building Blocks Vol. 1 Building Blocks Vol. 2
Colors & Textures Vol. 1 Colors & Textures Vol. 2
Sound Blocks Vol. 1 Sound Blocks Vol. 2

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