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With Blocksworld Profiles, you can see builder's worlds way more easily. If you play someone's game, you can just click on its name and it will show you all his worlds and the other one he liked. With this option, people can get way more likes on their games. Instead of having a featured world, it's now likes having featured builders. This option was added on the update 1.18.0.

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Create a Profile on the WIKI!

To create a profile, click on Contribute >> Add a Page and name it with the prefix Category: and then your Blocksworld's profile! Then, DON'T FORGET to add the category Profile. Also, to make it beautiful, add a picture of your profile! Don't know how to? See Wikia's basics here.

To add worlds, just create a page with your world's name and put the name of your profile on the category!

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