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Hello! I am HALnerd, and this is my page for my profile, VP10nav. I spend large amounts of time on my worlds, putting in the appearances and programming into my levels. I tend to make large, complex levels, so I try to keep them from lagging as much as possible. Almost all the worlds I am working on involve Blocksters in combat. I also like working on some levels with missiles and special vehicle (ie my version of Super Agent Car). I try to make things look almost perfect, yet still function, usually using the hide tool. I tend to use back on my signals since I'm needing them a lot

Please note that I still play Blocksworld, I have recently become a fan of fanons, such as the Super Smash Bros. Fanon, Pokémon Fanon, and Kirby Fanon.


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I am one of the main admin/bureaucrat. Contact me for any and all questions.

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