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Obstacles are difficulties in the terrain of courses. They are used in most courses due to extreme convenience. They require few blocks and little programming and very easy to make. Some can become slightly more complicated, and they are usually more interesting and intreaging, and still require little work.


A major trap used with obstacles is simply a pit that you have to jump or sprint over. Lots of obstacle courses and world take place over pits or water or ground (that kills you, of course). Lots of kind of "bridges" are built across pits and are made to knock you off.


JhuhWhen bridges start falling, sprinting is a pretty good idea. Some bridges are made to fall apart on contact, forcing players to think fast and jump and run on instinct. They are simple to make, and are sometimes stretched out across the entire level to make a "bottle run".

Gears and Spinners

Sometimes, spinning objects make difficult bridges. This requires you to have speed and timing since you can't stand on sharp inclines.

Turning Platforms

The easiest to make and most common kind of spinning obstacle is the turning platform. It can be turned and sped up and slowed down to change the difficulty and fit your needs. Is used in nearly every obstacle course.


Turning circles and gears are usually used with enemies, spinners, our other obstacles for the perfect battle field or obstacle. They impare your character's motion, making obstacles and enemies more powerful and challenging.


Rollers are thin boxes that turn, trying to knock you off but not making you. They are usually extremely long, making players survive many rotations.


Sometimes large platforms are made to flip themselves over and over again to force the player to have speed and timing. They can turn in pretty much any direction. They are the most common kind of turning platform


The spinner is as simple and almost as popular as the turning platform. Instead of being walked on, this platform tries to knock you off of another platform, sometimes a spinning circle or gear.