Daedalus West (Profile name Daedaluswest/BDF Chief) is a Blocksworld User. Although his later builds are detailed and fun, he does not always get the popularity he deserves.

Early Life

Daedalus West created his profile in 2013 and his first build was a Bulldozer for the Bulldozer Challenge. His profile was a clear-textured robot. Daedalus West has confirmed that his robot self could travel through time, and thus accurately predicted the addition of Animated Blocksters to the game. He started his longest running series, "The Ooshons". with a trailer in early 2014. He soon announced he was changing his looks, bringing his "Early" era to an end.

The Golden Era

Daedalus was publishing almost once every two days and had switched his profile to look more his real self, with orange hair and blue eyes. He formed the BDF, a Blocksworld Military, and got caught up in an inter-military argument between himself and Cop201. Luckily, it was sorted out before it got to heated. He also announced a new series, "Disaster Squad". Unfortunately it was not until may that he started the first story.