This article will discuss the different game ropes in Blocksworld.


Level game types often have a character or blockster that you play as.These games often have only 1 objective, limited to no health(invinsible) and an amount of basic AI bots. LEVEL is the simp game type in blocksworld.


Character model worlds often explain things about different player channels, and or advertise games (very rarely) or just simply say new me and have no use what so ever.Or as recent variety has added, could just be a pose.Model worlds are often used to farm players for coins, just simply make a new an avatar put stuff on it and BOOM you get 10 likes in 10 minutes. I was wrong before, character worlds have to be the simplest as they often only have on code, freeze.


Animation worlds are starting to become popular worlds in BLOCKSWORLD as a new camera stand-still mode was created. These worlds advertise games players are working on to get hype from other players. Or they are used to hype a whole series. Or the guy made them just for the hell of it. To make an animated series or opening into a game animated series are a pretty diverse franchise.


A game franchise that is severely lacking, horror games often are the most difficult to create as they post many challenges, as just scared, music, and lighting all affect the reaction of the guy playing this type. Many believe that it will be impossible to create a horror world. To the a good horror world it should usually be in first person and have a good layout( good build team) aside from that, only the greatest creators can make a good spine-chilling horror game.


Endless games are a medium difficult type to make. These game can be played for an endless amount of time. Ex "city life" by someone I do not know. In this original game type, you play as a guy working around a neighborhood and have to eat to stay alive. You can also get a job or go to a museum of sorts to the explore. hence the title, endless can be played for an unlimited amount of time. other good examples include Necropanster's zoo. You could explore explore the zoo, and all that.

OPEN WORLD(endless)

This game type is just a theory within the realm known as BLOCKSWORLD.the idea is that you play as a blockster and can explore and interact with other the character or mobs. The main thing is the endless stop MAJOR lag issues one must make a chunk generated system In which [hero within:40-blocks-=appear] [hero away:40-blocks-=hide] the only problem is that it will only work for one block unless the model is in play. then the whole WORLD will disappear.suck :D