Dinosaurs of Nakolia Vol. 1 is a pack for Blocksworld and is a new pack featuring prehistoric dinosaurs and has a new location; the Nakolia Crater.


Sakana, Monkozi and Fiona crash their plane, the Phoenix to Nakolia and they all see a lumbering Brachiosaurus as one of the team decides to investigate the whole place. They now live at Nakolia.


There are three minigames; the first arrival, the Raptor Ambush, and the Triceratops minigame.


Brachiosaurus - a massive sauropod dinosaur that its long legs were its front legs.

Triceratops - a ceratopsian dinosaur over 8 meters long. It had three horns and a frill as features on its head.

Utahraptor - the largest member of the Dromaeosaurid family and was 2 meters long. They hunted in groups to kill any dinosaur they spot.