Heroes Of Aero is a set that introduces: "TAGS",It has ____ pieces,____ are surprise pieces And has _____ games. And costs 600 coins

Mini Version Pack

It has a mini set called Sky Skiff,which is a lot worse than Heroes Of Aero

With the set you you can make:Automatic Defenses,Patrolling Guards,Heroes Of Aero,Powerful Weapons

This set is ideal for long story builds that can be a high chance for being featured.

The set has 3 heroes: Sergio, a bunny. Turq, who is a member of the Order Of Shadin, and Captain Jules, the pilot of the Nimbus Rose.

The set is one of the most expensive ones like Star Rangers and City Blocks

It also had a Super Sale of 50% Discount when the price was lowered to only 300 coins.