Auto-Wheel Laser Drone

Are drones that can follow and shoot the target diagonally (if nothing can block it.) and straight and also can be made by different designs!.

Some inquire optional items just for the design.

Items You Will Need


Levitator Block,1 Cube/Block,Two Little cone blocks,Two Laser Machine Guns


Rotator Block,Booster Block,Antenna,Two Ramp Blocks,and A Seat-Shaped Block.

How-To Make It

1.Put a block on a platform or where you will put it

2.Next,Put a Levitator Block next to the block

3.Now,Put a blockster on where you want to put it (only if nothing can stop the Drone from its tracks)

4.Then,Put a Circle Tag on the Blockster

5.Next,Put a Turn To Circle Tag on the Levitator

6.Then,Remove Levitate on the Laser Drone's Levitator

7.Now,Put Wheels On the Levitator Block

8.Next,Program the Blockster to Laser Hit Does Explode

9.Now,Put Explode Does Signal A

10.Then,Put Signal A Does Shut Off on the Levitator

11.On the block you put on the first HowTo number put two Little Cone Blocks on each side of the Block

12.Now,Put Laser Machine Guns on the little Cone Blocks on the side on the block

13.Next,Put A Booster Block infront of the Block/Drone

14.Now,Put R does InsertColor-InsertColor Does On every block you just put.


R does InsertColor


InsertColor Does Turn To Circle Tag


InsertColor Does Drive

Booster Block:

InsertColor does Fire

HowTo Program

  • Key
(A)-What Activates it
  • Levitation Block
- Does -  Turn To Circle Tag 2X 
(Optional) - Signal A - Does - Shut-Off                                                                                                                           
  • Booster Block
- (A) - Does - InsertColor
- InsertColor - Does - Fire 
  • Wheels
- (A) - Does InsertColor
- InsertColor - Does - Drive
  • Blockster
- Does - Circle Tag
- Laser Hit - Does - Explode 
- Explode - Does - Signal A


BTW-Post your designs here!

I want to see Them