Many people have been asking for this.What Blocksters could have is a specific animation for that action they are doing. All of which are listed below. Other people may add more
  • Walking/Running: Blocksters with a speed of 5 or less will enter a special walking animation. Blocksters with a speed of 6 or more will enter a running animation.
  • Idle: When blocksters are idle for 15 secconds or more, they will either: scratch their heads, sit down (also changes hitbox), or leaning on a wall (if there is one nearby) (does not change hitbox).
  • Crawling: blocksters will crawl on all fours (changes hitbox) to get down low.
  • Sleeping: (can be a script) blocksters will lie on the floor (changes hitbox) and enter a sleeping animation. If disturbed by a bright light, loud sound, or direct contact, they will wake up and stand back up.
  • Death: (could be a script) blocksters enter a death animation then liedown and become a ragdoll which has completely no scripts as if the "shut off" script has been added to it.
  • Scared: (could be a script) blocksters will shoot their hands in the air and run around, panicking.
  • Eating: (the item in which the blockster will eat can have a script that makes it edible) blocksters will enter an eating animation to whatever it is eating. the item will have a specific number of bites to make it disappear depending on the item itself. (This can be modified by the script that makes it edible)
  • Jumping: blocksters will enter a jumping animation when initiated by the "jump" script.