This idea alloys you to walk through walls. Uses a Collectable wall.

  • program block (wall)
  Does - Pickup
  Does - Freeze
  Does - Redeploy

The wall will disappear (Hide) if powerup is turned off. The wall can start as a normal wall, but once it is intangeble, it cannot resort back. This works is a combination between the forcefield and pickup block


  • Fog

Can be used as a sort of "fog", blocking players view. Using a clear texture will make it translucent and allow lasers through, and the ice textire still allows lasers, but it is more convenient because it is blurrier.

  • Forcefield

Can block lasers, but allows you through. Even unfrozen intangible pickups can block lasers. Clear and ice textures eliminate this affect, however.

  • Fake Wall

Can fake players in to going in the wrong direction. Can also start regular, and become intangable near the end of the world.

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