Below is a list of users that have made history in BLOCKSWORLD.


JB5 - Banned for using a alt account to buy his models. [Unbanned]

Joey Slikk - Making naked people, bullying.

2fst4u 5 - Ten rules broken, mention spamming discord server, and many other reasons. 2fst4u 5 also made several "like If" worlds, which people HATE. He also made an another account on a different device which is less known. However, he later stopped and started to be nice again, He is one of the most popular and famous players in BW.

Sorata2k - One of the highest ranked people in the war community. Created the now-disbanded Syndicate.

Nerd Alert (AKA NerdAlert)- Banned for making inappropriate worlds, bullying, bossing other players around, and online dating.

Original Nopenop- While Nopenop, a famous Blocksworld builder, was taking a break from blocksworld, he pretended to be him.

Test (Unnamed Blockster) - Broke many rules by being evil and mean, He is also best known for nutshelling innocent players and using profanity (mostly the F word). He is overall one of the worst players in Blocksworld. Later returned in a new account originally JohnnyTestBW (with the avatar of Johnny Test from Cartoon Network), Now MelmitchiSucks (Reused his iconic black BB look). It was later revealed that he was Wburn100 for the whole time on January 31, 2019 on both the original Test and Test V2 and began to apologize to the community as well.

TD Tinydragon - Formerly under the name of her alias “TinyDragon 123 22,” This user was a heavily influential one. When she reigned, she inspired many people to build stuff like dragons. Now, she is gone from the community, no signs of activity to be noted of.