Motors allow objects to be rotated. When tapping on a rotate command, the speed or angle can be changed. Motors are action blocks.

Types and Usage

There are currently two types of motors. One is the size of a full block, allowing it to easily connect and fit in with most blocks in the game. The other, a half block can be used to save space when trying to fit into a smaller space.

Coding a Motor

Motors have several functions that allow them to rotate and move objects. They come with the commands step, turn, free spin, and return. The step command causes the motor to rotate in steps. The degree of these is chosen by the player while coding the motor. The turn command is the most commonly used, it causes the motor to turn around at a speed chosen by the player. There are two forms of this command, each turning the motor a different direction. Free spin allows the motor to turn any direction that it has a force applied. This can be useful if you want an object to be able to spin but control itself. Return is a command that will force the motor to immediately start turning back to the direction it started at. The player choses the speed of the return while coding the motor.