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I Am Believing You, RUI! More Than Anyone Or AnythingTaffle
RUI Thomas Fan UB

RUI’s Old And New Look Outside Blocksworld

RUI (Are You I) Thomas Fan Is A Biggest Thomas Fan In Blocksworld, He Is Also The Diamond Of Blocksworld, But He Can’t Control Everything In Blocksworld, But He Is Still Learning

Baby Cute Thomas’s: RUI has An Date With Those Cute Kind Of Thomas’s But Some People Didn’t Like It But It’s NO WAY THAT BCTS CAN CAUSE ERROR 505 But It’s Really The Bugs The cause the 505th Error, So Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Diamonds: RUI is Way Into Nice Pure Blue Diamonds And He Loves Them And He Is The “Diamond Leader”

Thomas The Dae Wae Engine: His Parody Of Thomas & Friends (His Favorite Show)

Thomas & Friends: He Is A Huge Fan Of It!

David Murray’s Railway: A Series That RUI Made! (Non-Blocksworld Series)

Gallery (Don’t Remove The Gallery)

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