Reporting content is a type of safety option that users us to report Models/Worlds.

These types of reasons are helpful.

Personal Info

Personal info is a type of message that contains phone numbers, email address, profile, and even your location! The bar selection is the first.

The Bar Of 2 World Contents

A Little No Content

Little no content is a type of world that would make the world published--even when the world has a few blocks or either no blocks. This is a part of the second selection bar.

High Star Trick

High Star Tricks are worlds that contain content that force you to give it a 4+ star rating when it doesn't want to be rated. Same as A Little No Content: This is a part of the second bar

Hate Speech And Harrasment

Hate speech and harassment is a type of message that deems discrimination.

The type of discrimination is known as racism, sexism, ageism, etc. This selection bar is the third, aka the ½ of the bars.

18+ Content

Anything such as nudity, private parts, porn, and anything else that is deemed 🔞 (besides gore and violence) is apart of 18+ Content. This is the fourth selection bar that comes between Hate Speech And Harrasment & Drugs n' Alcohol

Drugs n' Alchohol

Drugs n' alchohol is a type of content that includes drug advertisements and getting drunk.

There are examples of drugs and alcohol that Blocksworld does not accept in worlds


  • Overused Pills
  • Medicine that is used in the wrong time
  • Advertised Medicine that makes people sick

Alcoholic Drinks

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Liquor
  • Ethanol

This is the fifth selection bar of reportion

Violence And Gore

Violence And Gore is the content that contains superbly sharp weapons and internal gore/blood everywhere. If you see anything with extreme violence and gore, report it immediately

This seems to be the last selection bar


  • GoldenHotDog: a porn user was reported and banned because of his/her pornographic worlds
  • Toxicity is a sign of harrasment
  • Break all the rules and you will be banned PERMINATLY
  • It's best not to be such a discriminator
  • Don't report worlds for no reason
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