A speak action used commonly for blocksters. Can be double-clicked to open a text editor, and it will ONLY appear for few seconds.

Name Speak

To have a player's name in the text, add /name/

Speak buttons

To create a button in the speak button you will add [], and you can place your text inside [] to display the text in the button. There is also another value for [], Ex: [Reset|Restart]. This is useful for making games.

All button commands are:

  • Back
  • Restart
  • Exit
  • Next
  • Stop
  • the signal you want, eg A

I know there are more where you can make the speak buttons activate two different things, but unfortunately, I don't know how to do them. This is Rocket Science Productions® from Blocksworld. Does anyone know how to use the buttons I spoke of before? Please post them in the comments.

This is GoldenSpartanGamer from blocksworld.

If you want to have a yes/no system, here is the code.

[any activate]Does Speak[your text[yes/a][no]]