The Toxic Trio (later known as The Toxic Quad after Null UB’s partnership with the gang) was the name given to a group of controversial Unnamed Blocksters known as Test (later MelmitchiSucks / Test V2 on his new account), Blu and Blak, Roger Rabbit, And Null who teamed up together.

Test, who is the earliest player to join, having to gain Criticism since June 2018, banned on August, and later returned in his second account known as MelmitchiSucks / Test, is the leader of the gang, The group started when Blu and Blak agreed to team up with Test after he requested to team up on his Burgerpal nutshell, leading the group to be known as the Toxic Dual, later, Roger Rabbit later joined after he requested Test to team up and later agreed, now being known as the Toxic Trio, later, Null teamed up with the trio, being less known as the Toxic Quad.

On October 31, 2018, Test’s second account, along with Roger Rabbit and Blu and Blak, were banned. Leaving only Null remaining.

This may seem weird, but Griffly (now IAmDaCraziestBoi) has talked about every user except Null, which may be a rant about something. He will plan to make a world about this trio nonsense, likely some rant. He will continue processing rants about this trio.


Null (The only one remained unbanned)


Blu and Blak (Also known as Blue Horns by players)


Roger Rabbit


MelmitchiSucks / Test (Test’s second account)