Hey guys! My name is Gabriel St-Pierre (aka Lolgab1) and I'm the main editor of this Wiki. Some time ago, I was playing Blocksworld a lot and I was wondering if there was a Wiki, and I found this one with absolutly NO content. So I decide to build it up, and with the help of other contributors look at how it is right now! I'm very glad of every people work and I hope we will continue growing it up!

But to grow up faster and better, we now must include new tricks to easily insert specific content without playing with HTML mixed with WikiScript. By this, "ordinary" people will be able to help us without breaking their minds each time.

I am a lot interested about learning programming, so here's what I did: CSS and Templates. I'm very glad to officially announced that this Wiki now inclides customed CSS. That script change the layout and design of the content so it can look a lot better with customed fonts for example. But the most important are templates. You can now, simply by copying/pasting a simple table and filling some information, create a complete layout without playing with ANY programming stuff! Visit the Pack Infobox page to see what the new template add to a page with only 7-8 basic informations!

If you have any questions or comments to share with me for these new awesome features, please contact me at User:Lolgab1 or comment this blog post.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy new Year!

- Your main editor, Lolgab1 (talk)