Welcome to all the Wiki's Contributors! This page is for anyone that wants to know all the existing prefabs for inserting complex content easily using Templates, HTML classes and HTML tags. BUT DON'T WORRY, it's really easy!


Templates are prefab layouts that can asked some information to automaticaly organized it on a page. They are quite complex to create, but really EASY TO USE!

Pack Infobox

The Pack Infobox Template is a new template that should be added to ALL the Pack's pages. It include an Infobox with basic informations such as Cost, Content or Refill Cost.

Block Infobox

The Block Infobox Template is a new template that should be added to ALL the Block's pages. It includes an Infobox with basic informations such as Category, Name or Special Pack.


The Division Template will automaticaly creates a division-line. Very usefull for separating large paragraphs. It will do the same thing as ---- but way more beautiful and customizable. Here's an example:

Here's the text I want over the separtion because it's the end of a main idea or introduction

Here's the text I want under it because there aren't great Heading name for it and it kind of continue my first idea in some way.

Clear (Removing White Spaces)

The Clr Template will automaticaly clear all the white spaces under its position. It's a shortcut for <div style="clear:both;"></div>. The best way we can use it is for pictures, wich often creates these spaces. Just add {{Clr}} one line after the picture and it will do the job perfectly.


HTML tags are preformated divisions or design. They are International and widely used because it's incorporated to the language itself. The way you use them is by adding the content you want to be formatted between the opening tag <tag> and the closing tag </tag>. You also should never mix the order: the first opened, the last closed! So putting "<tag1><tag2></tag1></tag2> is WRONG! Also, they are only usable on Source Mode.


This is the most usefull tag. It's thanks to this that I can show you tags in text, because normally they are hidden. This tag tells to the Software that all the coding between them should be transform into normal text and should not be read as a function. It is really helpfull to show tags as I just did.


These tags are used for changing inline text font-family to a coding-like font. It's really usefull to show programming functions such as <code></code>.


Used for creating a new division. Really usefull for organizing content.

To be continue...

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